Hahahaha YES!!! An apple a day….. will help our love lives in a big way! Today’s post is all about the benefits of apples and how this little fruit can help our sex lives.

1st up….LOVE LIFE.…Women that consume an apple per day….reportedly have better sexual function than those that don’t. According to the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics… the skin of an apple has polyphenols that help with better blood flow to the nether regions.. and helps with increased lubrication. If that isn’t enough to get an apple in your diet daily…. maybe these other benefits will help prompt you.

2nd… WEIGHT LOSS…..Apples satisfies hunger better than most fruits due to the high fiber content…. Which is great for weight loss. In one study…. women that ate a cup of dried apples daily for a year, lost weight… lowered cholesterol and heart disease markers.


3rd…. WHITER TEETH…. Biting and chewing apples stimulate the production of saliva… helping reduce tooth decay, helps whiten teeth and lowers levels of bacteria.

4th…. STOP ALZHEIMER’S…. An apple enhanced diet helped study subjects show higher levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which helps fight an aging brain and Alzheimer’s disease.

5th…. LAUNDRY LIST…. Apples help…. Avert hemorrhoids… Beat constipation and diarrhea…Prevent gallstones… Protect against Parkinson’s…. Curb cancers and Decrease the risk of diabetes.


PLEASE BEWARE to ONLY buy ORGANIC!!! Apples are on The Dirty Dozen list with over 40 pesticide residues being found on NON-ORGANIC. Remember to buy only organic applesauce, apple juice and any other apple product.


It’s no coincidence that yesterday was “International Eat an Apple Day.” Ellen Whitehurst says that keeping a bowl of apples on our dinning room or kitchen table will attract peace and calm into our living spaces. With that said…. I wish for you…. Peace, Calm and Great Health!

All my love,