Rebounding….. it’s just another way of saying…. jump on the mini trampoline. This exercise is so good for us and once you read this…. you will be running to buy one. For a 50.00 investment…. you get so many benefits that you will wonder why it hasn’t been a part of your beauty and health routine always. Our lymphatic system is technically the “garbage disposal” of the human body. It relies on conscious movement… unlike our cardiovascular system that automatically pumps… the lymph system relies on us moving to pump the waste through our bodies. It’s the movement that helps drain the stagnant toxins that collect until we can help flush them through our systems. Exercise of all types helps move that fluid… as does a lymphatic drainage massage, but research has found that “Rebounding” is by far the most effective way of draining of lymph system for men and women.

Let’s get started….

What you will need…. Any exercise clothing that you are comfortable in and a mini trampoline.

How We do It…. So simple…. even a toddler can do this exercise!! All we are doing is basically a moderate run in place. It’s not even necessary to catch air as I did in the photos…. 10 minutes daily is enough to see and feel the benefits.


CELLULITE… By supporting lymphatic flow in the thighs and butt cheeks…. we can improve drastically the root cause of “non hereditary” cellulite. After a few weeks of daily rebounding you should see a rather dramatic reduction. Add in my favorite “dry brushing” and your success rate will sky rocket!

WEIGHT LOSS… Rebounding at a moderate pace where we can still comfortably breathe…. gets us moving without stressing our metabolism. Long periods of “cardio” can actually backfire on weight loss attempts because long periods of breathless exercise can actually lower our metabolism.This gentle detox encourages weight and fat loss.


Improves Immune and Endocrine Systems…Rebounding helps improve the Immune System by increasing red bone marrow and supports tissue repair. The Endocrine System benefits by excess hormones and toxins being flushed.

Improves Posture and Balance…Our posture automatically improves during rebounding as we are engaging abs and core. Balance is another automatic and it helps improve once we get off the trampoline.


There you go…. 50.00 and 10 minutes a day…. is all it takes to start on this excellent detox adventure!!


CAUTION…. If you have a bad back or neck…. Rebounding is not for you! The pounding will actually exacerbate any symptoms….

September 23rd, 2014

First Day of Fall

Happy Fall!