This is a MUST have product for ALL men and women…. period. I received a Sonya Dakar FlashFacial in a swag bag…. only to let it sit in that bag for two months. I found it… and pulled it out a week ago and….. I cannot believe I have lived my life without this product…. until now!!


It’s a “ONE MINUTE” exfoliating treatment with instant results…. for ALL skin types!! I was fearful of using the “Flash” due to my extra sensitive skin. But one minute couldn’t really hurt… right? So I left it on for 40 seconds. The results were so profound… that I did it again 6 days later to find the 60 seconds really changed my life!! Fresh, smooth and squeaky clean skin was unveiled after washing. If there is ONE product that is an all time must for EVERYONE…. It’s The Sonya Dakar Flash Facial.


Photography: Ana Ochoa

Make up: Tanya Bures