To all of our Jewish Friends…. Happy New Year! Today is the second day of Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year…. and in celebration of this holy day…. we wanted to bring to your attention several ways to enjoy Matzo. Matzo is an unleavened bread traditionally eaten during the week long Passover Holiday…. but today we have found some really yummy ways to incorporate it into everyday life. Why you ask? Because this flat little bread is SO low in CALORIES & FAT that it should be a staple in every home!!


First up….


This recipe could not be easier or tastier! We are taking a piece of Matzo and spreading the almond butter until one side is completely covered. Then take the almond buttered side…. and fill it with strawberries. Cover with a plain matzo to make a sandwich… or leave it off to keep open faced. So easy… really beautiful…. and really yummy!!

Next recipe…


Another simple, easy and yummy recipe. All we need is… 2 pieces of matzo, marshmallows and a bar or two of chocolate. Place one chocolate topped matzo in the broiler cover in marshmallows and let broil for 4 minutes. VIOLA! A sweet, savory and yummy treat!!

The last recipe is the……


via Martha Stewart