Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Chanel Boots Ana Ochoa Page Beauty

Walking…. and walkings what they’ll do! The Chanel Over The “Knee Pad” Boot is just about the hottest fall trend boot I have seen in 2014! So hot is this boot….we had to shoot it at the Fire Station….. just in case of spontaneous combustion! Hahahaha!! When I first spied this boot in British Vogue a month ago, I knew this boot had to reside in my closet. The actual shoe part of the boot is a high top sneak…. and the soft calf leather is like butter on your legs. Add in a knee pad for raising the hip factor…. and VIOLA…. this is one hot boot… and the most comfortable to ever grace my foot! 

                 Speaking of hot…. we shot this story during the Los Angeles Heat Wave…. Talk about hot!!
 Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Chanel Boots Ana Ochoa Page Beauty
P.S. Today is my Birthday….. No numbers here…. But let’s just say that the anti-aging tips are going to go into over drive….
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