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There is a new POT in town…. and every single person reading this article should throw their Teflon pots and pans away and run (don’t walk) to your nearest store that carries Ceramic Cookware. Teflon heated at high temperatures releases toxic fumes… that are toxic enough to kill a pet bird…. and can cause people to develop flu-like symptoms called “Teflon Flu.” I could go into all sorts of details….. but let’s keep it short and sweet and get you to the store quicker!
My favorite brands? I have two…. Calphalon and Bialetti. Both available at department stores or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Ceramic Cookware is so easy to use and clean…. it tops my list. The beauty of Ceramic is that even Ralphs is carrying it. I beg of you to cast away… any and all Teflon and start healthy cooking with ceramic.