When we dress like the pack…. we feel a part of the pack… and the bigger picture. Not to say we should all dress a like…. but when you have on a outfit that is “on point” and everyone you see, tells you how fabulous you look…. Not only does it bring about a sense of higher self esteem… But it makes you feel good and brings about a connection with the person that complimented. It’s all about connection…. feeling good…. and feeling like we belong. When you look good…. you feel good. And when you feel good…. Well…. You can set the world on fire!

laura dunn fashion

Easy and casual (even though you can really dress this one up)…. Military for Fall 2014. The easiest way to introduce military into your wardrobe is piece by piece. I started with an olive Balmain jacket from 2012 (an oldie but goodie) added in a pair of black waxed denim jeans…. slipped on pair of Crystal Camo RockStud Valentino Kitten Heel Pumps and finished off with a pair of my all time favorite Chloe Aviator sunglasses. 3 of the four scream military…. and 3 of the 4 are spot on for creating the military look.

laura-dunn-falllaura-dunn-fall-military-3laura-dunn-fall-military-valentinolaura dunn trendslaura-dunn-fall-military06laura dunn trends jacket

Make Up: Tanya Bures for Page Beauty