Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Unisa Boots Sturat Weitzman 5050 BOOTS Ana Ochoa Photosgraphy

DSW…. Not just your mama’s cheap shoe store! Hahahahaha! I saw an ad for the Unisa over the knee boot a couple of weeks ago…. and was kinda blown away on how similar this 49.00 boot…. looked to my iconic 635.00, Stuart Weitzman 5050, over the knee boot. So I raced over to DSW to check it out in person… only to find that it was not the same Stuart Weitzman quality…. But for 49.00….. Yes… totally worth it and Yes….Totally a find… and Yes… it comes in some fun colors. Now if you are going for fooling the world…. go with either the black leather or black suede. But if you want to play around with color and design…. the silver was a fun choice (pictured). Or if you wanted to get really over the top (Dawn Ann), the leopard is actually a really fun look…. with a pair of black velvet skinny jeans!!