It’s tough getting old….. Especially if you have been in the world of fashion your entire life. You see the trends intended for the young…. and desperately want to wear them. But what is age appropriate?  Can I wear a crop top meant for those in their 20s? I simply adore the trend… and when I was younger I lived in crop tops. Younger no mas…. But crop top yes! I don’t care how old you are or what size you are…. wearing a crop top can be done…. if you do it in the proper way… and don’t expose too much skin.
I grabbed a pair of over sized sequin wide legged pants… by Proenza Schouler and I paper bagged the waist with a silk skinny belt … pulled them up high enough…. so only an inch or two of skin was showing. Donned a fun plaid (I am mad for plaid!) tight crop top by Torn By Ronny KoBo…. and Voila! A crop top for any age or any size!!