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I just bought a cozy comfy sweatshirt… made out of plastic!! Raw for the Oceans has teamed up with G Star Raw to create a clothing line made from “Bionic Yarn.” Bionic Yarn is made by using recycled materials (namely plastics) that have been washed up on beaches across the world. This collection curated by Pharrell Williams is helping bring awareness to our ocean‘s pollution plight. 


The process of making “Bionic Yarn” from ocean plastic….. 
STEP 1: OUT OF THE OCEAN. Plastic pollution is first retreived from our oceans, and with 700 million tonnes of it out there, there is plenty to work with.  
STEP 2: PIECED IN PREPARATION. The retrieved ocean plastic is broken down into chips and then shredded to fibres, ready to be spun into yarn.
STEP 3: SPINNING THE YARN. Ocean plastic fibres are spun into strong core yarn and then helixed with cotton, making Bionic®  yarn.
STEP 4: WEAVING AND KNITTING. The innovation is complete with the weaving or knitting of Bionic®  yarn into RAW for the Oceans fabrics.
Bionic Yarn partnered with a service called the Vortex Project in order to amass the resources needed to make their recycled fabrics. Their studies show that waste in plastic and garbage outweighs fish harvested from the ocean at a 3:1 ratio per pound. So far Bionic Yarn and Project Vortex have assisted in removing and recycling at least 10 tons of plastic for this project alone. It is not a huge number in the grand scheme of things, but it is a step in the right direction to reduce our impact upon the oceans of the world.


Raw for the Oceans White Sweatshirt

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