Our beautiful friends over at Page Beauty…. Our go to concierge for anything beauty…. booked us a hair appointment with Christine Lee from Billion Dollar Hair. Christine was booked to give me an updo. An updo you ask? With hair this short? And make it look good? Yes, yes and yes. Christine Lee could be just about one of the most talented hairdressers I have ever worked with. If Christine can get my short hair to look this good….. well…. the world is her hair oyster! Ms. Lee has put together a tutorial for us on how to get crazy short hair…. to look like fabulously long, sophisticated and elegant hair. 

                                               Make Up: Tanya Bures for Page Beauty
I would like to thank Christine Lee for participating and putting together this amazing tutorial. And Page Beauty for finding, introducing and booking for us this amazing talent.                                
Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365- Christine-Lee-Billion-dollar-Hair-Page-Beauty-Ana-Ochoa-Photography