I am all about the Black Cat. I have been a black cat since I was old enough to walk….. and until my last Halloween breath on this planet…. I will stay a black cat. So buying a costume has never ever an issue for me. But there are people out there…. who are absolutely daunted buy the whole process. They actually end up wearing nothing because it’s easier than figuring out what to wear, how to buy…. Etc. Intro the music please…. and let’s put on that one stop…. one shop…. one piece! 


Back in June we introduced “The Kigurumi” one piece with hooded animal costumes. Easy enough to buy on Amazon (but you can’t try it on) or if you can find a little shop that carries these adorable costumes….then you can try on…. but these little shops are few and far between. Until now…. TARGET has knocked off these 60.00 to 80.00 onsies and dropped the price down to a mere 20.00. All the look…. less the quality... but all the well a good choice for one evening. The quality is sufficient but not in the league of the Kigurumis. but Target makes it easy and hassle free.




                             HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK!