I had not seen The Real Real web site in ages. And upon my first page visit…. I was completely and utterly blown away by the amazing selection of high end designer clothes! The Real Real is a online consignment store that hunts and gathers items from the closets of the rich, famous, über celebrity and your everyday person that has great quality, designer clothes, shoes, purses, luggage, jewelry, art and menswear. 
On the first page…. I spied this fur trimmed, John Galliano jacket that I know for fact…. when new, cost into the many thousands of dollars. It’s an incredible designer collectable that I was able to purchase for $200.00. ABSOLUTE INSANITY! It arrived to my home in absolute pristine condition! I am not sure if it had ever even been tried on… that’s how perfect it was. 
Now here is the best part. Anyone in almost any city or town across this big beautiful country can sell their designer clothes through The Real Real. Just call to set up an appointment and within a week they will be on your doorstep ready to go through your closet and help you select anything you wish to get rid of. WIN/WIN! Closet clean out…. and make money? YES and YES! 
If you wish to purchase amazing designer anything…. head to the site to see what awaits your  purchasing pleasure!


I paired the amazing John Galliano jacket with a pleated gladiator style leather skirt by: Gucci. Added in a pair of Wolford opaque tights. And finished off with a pair of patient leather Jimmy Choo leopard pumps.