My favorite thing to make this time of year is…. caramel apples. But to boil carmel and ruin a pan…. not my bag. In comes…. Caramel Wraps by Concord Foods, and life just got a whole lot easier! When we went to shoot this story….. every store we went to… was completely sold out of The Carmel Wraps…. so we bought the “Candied Apples” kit by the same company. It was by no means as easy to make as the caramel apples….. as there was boiling involved… but still a good time was had by the team. 
Laura-Dunn-Carmel Apples-Ana-Ochoa-Photography
So Kids…. Let’s make the easiest and tastiest caramel apples you will ever make!!
Once the apples are completed and cooled…. The world is your decorating oyster!!