I was at a party a couple of weeks ago and in walks Sally Drennon… wearing  one of her own creations which was one of the most amazing statements necklaces that I have ever seen. I was absolutely and 100% obsessed. So obsessed… that I had to see more. Sally joined us last week for a chat and to show us some of her earrings and necklaces from her Tier One Collection. I wish each and everyone of you could have been here to see these necklaces and earrings in person…. stunningly beautiful and some of the most original pieces I to ever grace my view.


Sally Drennon is a Nu-Renaissance Artist.  Beginning in interior design, she brought excitement and flair to private jets and yachts, as well as residential and commercial spaces.  A side hobby of collecting antiquities from the fifteenth century onward developed into table jewelry as accents in her designs.  And from there, it was a natural leap to her Drennon Design Jewelry collection.


Combining stones and artifacts from across the world, Sally coordinates necklaces of varying lengths inspired by Baroque, Elizabethan, Edwardian, Native American and African fashions.  Crystal, diamonds and silver accents complement the stones.  Each collection is uniquely beautiful, displaying arresting varieties of shape, color and texture within the grouping.





Thank you Sally for taking the time to share with us your most original and magnificent creations!
To be able to view, adore and purchase…. please contact Sally at: