While in New Zealand a couple of years ago…. I learned of a unique and natural healing nectar. While visiting the Island of Great Mercury, New Zealand…. I burned my hand on a pizza oven. Our host Michael Fay, grabbed a bucket of suspicious looking goo…. and preceded to rub the goo on my burn. The goo? Raw fresh Manuka Honey…. A “mono-floral” honey…. meaning it is predominately made by bees that interact with just one species of flower…. the delicate small flower of the Manuka tree that is native to the shores of New Zealand. Within 24 hours my nasty burn was almost miraculously healed…. and it was nothing short of a miracle.


Every jar of Manuka honey bears UMF….. Unique Manuka Factor….. a scale that identifies the level of anti-bacterial potency. A UMF of 10 plus is the minimum requirement to gain the UMF rating. Optimal levels are 10 plus to 15 plus. 

Last but not least…. Manuka honey is amazing for a short term energy boost. Slather on toast or spill into tea or coffee for an amazing energy source.