Laura Dunn - The STATEMENT Jacket - Alexander McQueen

Laura Dunn – The STATEMENT Jacket

Forget the statement necklace…. forget the statement bib…. we are onto “The Statement Jacket!” McQueen started this trend 4 years ago when they came out with the first crystal-embellished jacket that was… So stunningly beautiful and so over the top fabulous… That they only made 3 of the magnificent runway piece. It also had a very stunning price tag…. but when dealing with something this beautiful…. it had to be. – Laura Dunn



Laura Dunn – The STATEMENT Jacket


Onto this years version… The Fall/2014/15 crystal jacket is a bit more understated…. but could be just about one of the most beautiful jackets to grace my eyes…. and my body.


Laura Dunn




God Save McQueen!