My Beautiful Ladies and Gents…. Welcome to the Christmas Holiday Season 2014! Let’s talk Health and Cookies….. all in the same breath. The GingerBread Man or Woman…. is a most healthy cookie with special powers that we can make at home. Now with the small amount of fresh ginger we are using for our gingerbread cookies is minimal…. but it’s still fresh ginger…. and it still has some serious benefits. Let me share just 4 of the many benefits of the fresh ginger we will be using in our GingerBread People Recipe. 
1* Fresh Ginger has Immunity Boosting properties. 2* Helps protect against Colon Cancer. 3* This is a HUGE one…. Ginger contains very very powerful ANTI-INFLAMMATORY compounds. 4* It’s a safe and effective relief of nausea and vomiting (especially during pregnancy). 
Okay Beautiful Peeps…. Let’s create!! One of our favorite recipes comes from Martha Stewart…..


Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Gingerbread (4)
  Happy Healthy Holiday Season!! 
P.S… I have a little useless but FUN GingerBread Trivia…..
* The Largest GingerBread Man ever made….. 20 Feet Tall and weighed 1,308 Pounds! WOW!!
* The GingerBread Man has his own fairy tale… Run run as fast as you can….
* GINGY…. THE zAnY Shrek GingerBread Man
* CandyLand? Yes Peeps…. GingerBread Men rule this game! 
* The Nutcracker Ballet has a whole army of GingerBread men that help defeat the evil Mouse King! 
Laura Dunn