Laura Dunn iPhone Charger Hooks Me Up Fabulous 365

I don’t know about you…. but I always seem to lose charge on my IPhone whenever I desperately need it. ALWAYS! Conference call… business call… school emergency….. my cell phone dies! What’s a little Beverly Hills girl to do?

Hook Me Ups!!

I now take charge and take this battery charger with me wherever I go… and I always have extra charge. Now here is the beautiful part of this story…. Hook Me Ups are the most beautiful chargers on the market. I carry my completely encased Swarovski crystal Hook Me Ups and get so many compliments…. that there are times that I keep it in my bag just so I don’t have to talk to anyone. It’s that beautiful and that sparkly!! With 64 designs…. a price point for every budget and even the ability to personalize… I can’t imagine anyone leaving the house without a Hook Me Ups!

laura dunn hook me ups cell phone charger
Laura Dunn Fabulous 365 Hook Me Ups Phone Charger

The PERFECT Holiday gift!!


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All my love,

Laura Dunn, Fabulous365