We have covered the costume Onesie here on Fabulous365…. and since we have featured the inexpensive Target onesies at Halloween and Christmas… and before that…. my all time favorite Kigurumi character onesies. It’s time to get serious and talk about the everyday onesie! We are showing a really cute everyday onesie that can be worn in the comfort of your own home…. or hitting the mean streets of wherever you live!! My mean streets happen to be Los Angeles…. and I see these adorable, casual and most comfortable onesie jumpsuits on a daily basis!! This OAK Onesie is so comfortable….. and the drop waist it gives it such a fun and funky feel…. that I am compelled to get on the onesie trend wagon!! 


laura-dunn-one-oak-onesie-4 laura-dunn-one-oak-onesie-5