Some days you just want to mix it up! In fashion (especially here in Los Angeles) there are really no rules. I feel like if YOU think you look good… and feel good about yourself in whatever you are wearing…. then absolutely anything goes. When I mixed this oversized plaid Rag & Bone silk shirt…. with my maroon floral trousers… I felt like I had a match made in heaven. Funky… yet conservative in a special kind of way. Lately I have personally come out of my black or white solid comfort zone and I am now mixing and matching. Mixing prints started in spring of 2014 and is gaining momentum for spring 2015. It’s really liberating feeling to take two prints that really don’t belong together…. and make them into a fun and funky look! 

Ana and I had a great time playing in Venice Beach!!
Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-MIX&MATCH-Floral-Plaid-Venice-Beach-FashionAll my love!!
Laura Dunn