This edition of Pennies & Posh brings us to Urban Outfitters and a jumpsuit that is so much look…. for so little money… that it even blew my mind!! The military jumpsuit cost a whopping 20.00 and paired with the right accessories…. this hot little number can look like a really expensive designer jumpsuit. With that said….let’s get started!! We added on a Chanel Logo pin (500.00) to the pocket…. which helps break up all the green and give it some bling near the face. Now this is where it get’s really exciting…. I think it’s the Lanvin belt is what I think makes this outfit. The rich leather and the crystal front accent even made my 17 year old son take notice! The belt came in at 1400.00 and we finished off the look with a pair of rocking wedge boots by Tabitha Simmons that cost 1300.00. Now we added some serious POSH…. but feel that you could reproduce this look easily by going to Claires or another discount store to get your bling. Grab a pair of great knock off boots…. and there you go… Pennies to Fashion Heaven!! 

laura-dunn-urban-outfitters-military jumpsuit-5