Laura-Dunn-Revitalift -wrinkle-filler-1

GENIUS! My daughter Beau came over with the Revitalift Volume Filler by L’oreal last week. She said that it was making a splash around the country and I must try it ASAP! I have natural age related wrinkles on the corners of my mouth…..ones that I would love to be rid of. I took the injector tube and filled the wrinkles. I waited for the cream to dry…. and covered with make up. VIOLA! Instantly gone! Nothing short of a miracle. I am out of the country now and somehow the Revitalift did not make it into my luggage. I actually panicked when I couldn’t find it…. which is seriously great sign! I was hoping to experiment on other parts of my face while out of town. Oh well…. by the time you read this I will be flying back from an amazing trip to Guatemala…. and racing home to start filling my face with the L’oreal Revitalift Volume Filler!!