Edgar Santos…. under the radar make up artist to…. the rich and famous….. and one of the most talented make up artists I have ever worked with. I wrote a story about Edgar for Genlux Magazine a year ago…. where I told the story about how he did my daughter’s make up for her birthday party. I opted to do my own…. and when the photos came back from that magical evening… I literally sat down and cried. Beau looked…. so amazing…. and so beautiful… that everyone else paled in comparison. I actually looked ill standing in her presence….. chalk it up to Edgar’s smoky eyes. 
We have been blessed to have Edgar come on board to do my make up for FABULOUS365. From the moment Edgar started doing my make up…. the calls, texts and emails started. Everyone wanting to know what eye make up I was wearing. I explained it wasn’t that simple. Edgar takes 45 minutes just  to do my eye make up. Now…. you will not have the artist yourself…. but here are his smoky eye secrets. PLEASE NOTE: Half the time Edgar spends on the eyes is…. THE blending process. He blends, blends and before he allows you to get out of his chair…. he blends one more time. Ready? Let’s do a smoky eye…..


Please follow the chart…. remember to blend-blend-blend with every single step. Please practice putting on the lashes before you attempt on a completed look.
Thank you Edgar for making my eyes look so beautiful…..  and taking the time to do this tutorial for us!