These photos were shot for a post a few months ago when we were featuring the white “Valentino RockStud” flats. We touched a bit on my fabulous “One Teaspoon” BoyFriend jeans AKA: The Icy Blue Kingpins…. but the post was centered on the shoes. Today the “OneTeaspoon” boyfriend jeans are up front and center and our total focus! I opened a well know fashion magazine last week…. and there was an entire two pages devoted celebrities wearing the One Teaspoon Jeans. I bought my original pair from Planet Blue in Beverly Hills over a year ago…. and picked up several more on my trip to Australia over the summer. What I adore about the One Teaspoon jeans (and really any great boyfriend jean) is that they can we worn in good faith by any age category…. without looking like you are trying to hard…. all the while staying spot on trend! And by ANY body type! 


2015 marks the 15th anniversary of this Australia based company. To quote designer and founder Jamie Blakley…. One Teaspoon is Fantastically rebellious, SEX-INFUSED old school Rock & Roll Glamour!” We love it…. and we are sticking to that story!