Laura Dunn Cable Knit Sweater
The chunky cable knit sweater has made it’s way back into the fashion arena…. and back into my closet! A winter favorite when I was growing up…. this perfectly warm and cozy sweater has become a fashion staple for cold weather once again. Now…. I have a plain one I wore for a story over Christmas…. and love it for around the house…. but it’s truly not enough punch for me to wear out onto the mean streets of LA. In comes Sass and Bide…. adding sequins to this fisherman favorite… and now we have a sweater that’s “going out” worthy! Sass and Bide… one of my all time favorite Australian designers has brought the cake to the table with this chunk of a knit!
Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-Sass&Bide-Cable -Knit-Sweater
We shot this story a couple of weeks ago…. and our friends over at scooped us just three days ago with their own cable knit story! Well it just goes to show…. great minds think alike!
Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Cable Knit Sweater