Smith & Cult.. that is! The ladies that created “Hard Candy” nail polish many years ago, Dineh  Mohajer and Jeanne Chavez…. are back. And boy have they brought their “A” game! Smith & Cult is a brand new “nail lacquer” line that is beyond any that I have ever seen. I received “Diary of a Beauty Junkie,” the Smith & Cult press kit…. and must say opening it was a total “WOW’ moment!! A thick rich box loaded with 9 of the most spectacular colors….. in 9 of the most beautiful glass jars I have ever seen. The wavy gold tops and the weight of the beautifully shaped bottles look and feel like a fine piece of art. 

smith & cult copy

Then came the application…. The polish glided on like silk and the saturated, vibrant colors translated from the bottle…. right onto my nail. There is a gold glitter polish called “Shattered Souls” that after applied…. looked exactly like I spent hours at the salon getting a Gel Manicure. Talk about high end? With 30 of the most beautiful colors under the sun….  I don’t think there is a nail lacquer on the market that can rival the excellence of Smith & Cult. This is the Rolls Royce of nail polish… and I am not afraid to scream that from the roof tops.


Thank you Dineh Mohajer and Jeanne Chavez….. for creating a top tier nail lacquer line that is heads above anything on the market.

Big kiss!!

Laura Dunn