We really emphasized the khaki green on Monday… and along with the khaki green trend is one of my all time personal favorites…. Camouflage. It’s so strong right this moment and is being spotted all over the streets of Los Angeles. It’s been in and out many times since the early 80s, so I am not sure when my obsession started… but I have carried it for many many years…. and I am always beyond thrilled when it makes a come back. And come back it’s made! Camo in any color… on anything… is totally the rage. The beauty of the “Camo” movement is that it’s so easy to mix and match with our better pieces to give it an upscale look or just totally dress it down.  Wear just a touch or encase your whole body…. but just know…. camouflage is perfect for any age, size or color. 





Big kisses and Lots of Love!

Laura Dunn