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Just this moment I am realizing that my amazing “Rhino Pouch” is by Figue…. the designer that brought us the off the charts fabulous “Evil Eye” purse. I read about the “Rhino Pouch” a couple of weeks ago in a fashion magazine…. and when I found out that 30% of the purchase price of $95.00 goes to support the relocation of 100 at-risk rhinos to safe havens in Botswana….. I knew I had to have one! The quality is fantastic and the purple tassel is rich and stunning. Buy a pouch… save a rhino? Yes please! 
PLEASE*PLEASE*PLEASE Help save these beautiful beasts from poaching. The image of a hornless rhino is just too much for any soul to bear….
Here are a few sights for you to check out….
With Love,
Laura Dunn