No Mo-Stache! Hahahaha I love the name of this tiny, little, portable facial hair removing kit. Why? Have you ever had a rogue hair on your face and no way to say “adios” to it? Well keep this tiny little kit on hand and….. Rogue Hair No Mo!! 
You know, sometimes life just gets in the way of personal care.  Things get busy, and you have to cancel your waxing appointment, or you werenât able to fit it in before you left for your vacation or work trip.  It happens.  These awesome, handy individual waxing strips fit right in your purse or toiletries kit.
Ana and I tried this handy little kit while shooting…. and I must give it a 100% positive review. It literally took 3 minutes from fuzz to smooth. I dabbed the hydrocortisone cream on afterwards and within 5 minutes all redness was gone and so was my “Stache!!” Great to keep in your purse or for travel!! 

 With Hair-free Love!!

Laura Dunn