Make up: Edgar Santos

The first time I was at the Chakra Spa in Beverly Hills (last Spiritual Monday’s story), I bought several of the Crystal Journey Candle soy herbal votives…. in glass. I was attracted to the colors and upon further inspection I noticed an affirmation to be recited before each lighting. I asked owner, Lilly Adams if they worked…. meaning could you feel a difference when they are lit and could these candles actually help you manifest the saying?  She said a resounding “YES!”. I bought ~joy~ ~love~ ~laughter~ and upon arriving home…. I immediately said the affirmation on each candle… and lit. Within a half hour my room smelled like a dream and I felt so at peace. This intensely joyful feeling came over me… which had me wondering… was it all in my head? I am not quite sure…. but since that afternoon, I have purchased over 30 of the candles and keep them lit day and night (always when I am at home… and I never leave them burning in a room I am not in). I pair them in 3’s and will mix and match different sayings and colors.


Stop by….. 
Charkra Spa
468 South Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Ask for Lilly
Big kisses and lots of love!
Laura Dunn