I was rummaging in the storage closet once again….. only to be delighted upon stumbling on another 1980’s Band/ Military jacket. This one is by Ralph Lauren. There is nothing better than buying a quality piece…. and having it stand the test of time for 30 years. This jacket is such good quality, that it was still in perfect condition…. and is now spot on trend for Spring 2015. The lesson to be learned here today…. Buy quality pieces. Besides being psychic… hahahaha… there is an art to buying clothing and knowing what pieces to buy quality…. and what pieces to buy that are in the lesser category. All trends come around again and if you truly love a trend…. buy a quality piece that you love…. and then watch when it comes back into style. You will be able to pull it out and bask in the glory of knowing that you were an artful shopper.