This tells the story of…. if you guessed LACE… You are correct! Lace for spring/summer 2015 is going so strong…. that you simply must have a couple of lace pieces in your closet! The beauty of lace right now is that it’s in every store across the country and you won’t have to spend a fortune (unless you want to!)….. so you really will not have a problem finding the perfect pieces for you and your budget.

Today we tripled our pleasure and tripled our fun! Our Lace top purchased at Intermix is by Alexis…. and is sexy yet covered enough to feel comfortable. Same with our Planet Blue lace pants by Nightcap. They have a mini pair of leggings to keep those privates…. well… private. And last at our lace party is…. our leather and lace Valentino booties….. embellished with the perfect amount of bling! Lace on Lace on Lace…. It’s what’s for spring and summer 2015!!