Unfortunately I live with a very painful disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis doesn’t care what your socioeconomic background is… it doesn’t care about your gender, age, race, color or where you live. What it does care about is…. effecting the joints…. and sometimes making lives a living hell. I tell not complain…. but to hopefully share with you something that has helped me live a more comfortable life. Compression Gloves. Sounds too easy right? The compression helps bring down swelling and inflammation and helps relieves pain the natural way. I have been experimenting with different gloves and wear them to bed when I can…. or when I am working around the house or writing. I love the fingerless ones because I can still use my phone and type. It’s not a cure… but the compression really does help. Make sure they are tight… and make sure they are cute!! Call me crazy… but the ones I am wearing in the photos…. look like a fabulous fashion glove!! 
              Just google Compression Gloves…. and see which ones will suit you and your lifestyle.