Make up: Edgar Santos 
For 27 years I have been helping the Easter Bunny make baskets….. and for 27 years I have been including Peeps. They started off with one color and one flavor…. and they were only available at Easter. No mas My Beautiful Peeps!! Peeps for every holiday and now in insane flavors! Watermelon, Cake Batter, Bubblegum and Blue Raspberry just to name a few….. It’s a total Peep Fest out there!!! 

Peeps are produced by Just Born,[1] a candy manufacturer founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, by Russian immigrant Sam Born. In 1953, Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company and its marshmallow chick line, and replaced the painstaking process of hand-forming the chicks with mass production.[2] When founder Sam Born would display a sign for his freshly-made candy, he would title it “Just Born,” playing off of his last name and the fact that he made his candy fresh daily.[3] According to Mary Bellis, the newly purchased company, Just Born, was soon the “largest marshmallow candy manufacturer in the world.” New shapes other than the chicks were produced following a theme according to the season starting in the 1960s. Twenty years later, the Marshmallow Peeps Bunny was released as a popular year round shape of the candy.[4] The yellow chicks were the original form of the candy â hence their name â but then the company introduced other colors and, eventually, the myriad shapes in which they are now produced. Peeps were manufactured in different colors such as lavender and blue starting in 1995. Prior to that they were only being produced in the traditional colors: pink, white, and yellow. New flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate were introduced between the years of 1999 and 2002.[5]
In 2009, Just Born expanded the Peeps product line further by introducing Peeps Lip Balm in four flavors: grape, strawberry, vanilla, and cotton candy.[6] Just Born has come out with several other various accessories. Items such as nail polish, wrist bands, umbrellas, golf gloves, earrings, and necklaces are produced and sold online and in retail stores. Other companies have produced items based off the popular Peeps candy. Peeps micro bead pillows were made by Kaboodle and conform to one’s shape. The company Kaboodle promises that “they’ll last a lot longer than their edible counterpart!” [7] Ranging from infant sizes to adult sizes, Peeps Halloween costumes can also be found on the shelves of several costume stores. The first Peeps & Co. store opened in November 2009 in Prince George’s County.[8] Peeps & Company retail stores were later opened in Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.[9] In 2014, Peeps Minis were introduced, and were intended to be available year-round.
If I may insist…….
Hahahahaha The Blue Raspberry tasted like a dream!!