I know so many moms that have gone to Cochella…. and so many more that are going this year. If you have to be there as a mom….or you are going to have fun (and you are not in your 20’s), you may as well feel like you are part of the crowd and not stick out like a sore thumb. What’s a mom to wear? My advise? Look like you belong…. and own it. It’s all about the “owning it” part…. as long as you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. My Cochella Outfit…… A/G cut offs with a pair of Splendid black leggings, an old sleeveless Baddies Ghost tee…. and this is where it get’s fun…. a beautiful L’Wren Scott cashmere long cardigan that’s embellished with crystal bedding (that are actually hard to see in these photos…. but trust me when I saw it’s lux!). So I am mixing some really cheap and old pieces with a luxury item that screams…. I am still cool, but have earned my right to walk these grounds. I finished off my “Festival Look” with a faux floral crown, a Louis Vuitton scarf and a pair of Thomas Wylde boots.