Old School Anti-Aging! 
I can’t even believe I am writing about these archaic strips of paper. But here I go…. 
I was at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills when I spied William Jenkins… the Kate Somerville anti-aging specialist. Now when I say William on a bad day…. has amazing skin… I am not kidding. But on this day…. his beautiful skin was exceptionally fabulous! Dying to know what he did…. I pinned him to the wall and begged for what procedure he had to have done. His reply…. He started using the old school Frownies again. I laughed my way all the way to Whole Foods where I immediately purchased the Frownies and a spray bottle of RoseWater to help adhere the Frownie to my face. That night I applied the Frownies to my entire face…. I basically applied the each individual Frownie on every inch of skin…. by spraying the shiny side with the RoseWater and then placing and smoothing on skin. I even applied to my neck. Now sleeping with hardened paper on your face and neck is not the most comfortable thing on the planet… but beauty hurts Kids! And it was worth every moment of un-comfort. I awoke to silky smooth and amazingly pore-less skin. How they work? I have no idea…. But….. they work! 
Here is our mini tutorial on how to apply the Frownies. So easy a child could do it!