While perusing my weekly magazines…. I came across several “DON’T”‘s  of the same purse. “The Furry Cat Clutch” was all over the internet and many fashion publications. Of course I became obsessed! I searched high and low seeking this furry abomination of a clutch. Only to find out it was sold out all over this beautiful country of ours! Since I was so KITTY inspired…. I decided I had to shoot this “Cat Purse” that I bought at my favorite store in Bali…. for one of my most beautiful friend’s birthdays. I am hoping you don’t mind Dawn Ann Billings…. that I just had to borrow one of your birthday gifts to shoot this lovely story. So today’s story is about DO’s or DON’Ts. Do what makes you happy…. Don’t hold back just because there are a lot of haters out there deciding what we should wear!! If I could have found the “Don’t” Cat Clutch…. you for sure would see me sporting it around Beverly Hills…. in both colors!  


 The Furry Cat Clutch Forever!!

Our Velvet Aviators were also purchased at Polette Bali… but can be purchased online. Just Google “Velvet Aviators” and you will see many choices!! 
With some Kitty Kat Love!!
Laura Dunn