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Spring/summer 2015…. is all about sequins for daytime. Easy to wear and a great way to add some pizzazz to any outfit. The only rules are…. there really are no rules….. except….. if it looks like an evening piece….. save it for evening. Best to pair your sequins with daytime pieces… such as jeans or if you are wearing a sequin skirt… a tee or denim button down are great choices. We paired our sequin V neck, sequin sweater with a pair of our favorite Flying Monkey jeans and a pair of pink Giuseppe Zanotti ankle strap sandals. For an extra bump of sparkle we added in a pink ombre, Mui Mui sequin clutch. Why take life so seriously…. sequins for daytime are so much fun and a great way to add some sparkle to our lives! 

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With shiny love!

Laura Dunn