LAURA-DUNN- Men's Grooming Keeping a Beard Clean

Men’s Grooming…. Let’s keep that hipster beard clean!! When a facial hair trend hits…. it really hits hard! Beards are not just for LumberJacks anymore… they are for the total Hipster! They are for anyone wanting to ride the hip train and anyone wanting to look so hip it’s cool! personally think it’s such a fun masculine look and think that everyman should give it a go at at least once before this trend ends. With that said…. let’s talk about GROOMING. So at this point I think we have all heard the stories about comparing the bacteria in men’s beards…. with toilet bowls. After some serious investigation we found out through SNOOPS…. That these studies are fake… and according my source…. Amber… A real “Wiskerina” (The USA’s Beard & Mustache Society) these stories were made up by the shaving cream and razor companies to boost sales.

No matter what…. If a man is going to have a beard…. he must properly clean.