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The Marc Jacobs or the Original Dr.Scholls? Well if I had my druthers…. The Marc Jacobs. But if I wish to go retro…. The Dr. Scholls. The day I got my Dr. Scholls back when I was 13…. was one of the happiest days of my life! They were so hip… so cool…. only the most trendy girls wore them… and I joined that club! So when Marc Jacobs brought them back in a seriously fabulous way… rich velvet wrapped… crystal buttons and a lushes padding who wouldn’t want this luxurious copy of an iconic wooden sandal?

When I threw on the Original Dr. Scholls for our photo shoot…. it brought me back to a time where life was carefree and all I had to look forward to was a magnificent life. Buy the originals or the Jacobs…. EITHER WAY YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!!