This edition of Pennies & Posh brings us back to Urban Outfitters…. where we found this really cool fringed, crochet dress. The quality is seriously amazing and the tan color is a perfect basic color for any closet. You can dress it up or down by just adding accessories and shoe changes. The fringe and the crochet give it an up to the moment trendiness…. while the classic cut screams wear me anywhere… anytime. Cashing in at 29.00…. anyone can sport this dress with the thought of knowing that never in a million years would anyone know that it cost just Pennies.

Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Pennies & Posh White (13)


Talk about Posh! We paired our crochet dress with an over the top Ralph Lauren Swarovski Pear Drop Crystal necklace. The necklace takes the crochet from basic… to badass in the click of the clasp. The pear drop necklace is such a departure from the usual classically refined Ralph Lauren style, all while the colors are so fun… yet daringly elegant all at the same time. Imagine me squealing with delight after I received this stunning necklace for Mother’s Day! My secret admirer knew that it would knock my socks off… and it did! The Pear Drop is bold enough to add more posh to even the most posh-est of outfits.

Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Pennies & Posh White (3)


Our Posh SnakeSkin booties are by Jimmy Choo…. Yummy!

Laura Dunn Fabulous365 Pennies &Posh

We Posh-ed it up just a bit more at the end with a gold Prada sweater.


Happy Summer Dressing!!

With Love,

Laura Dunn