Move over Cronut…. The Cruffin is here!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year – National Donut Day! Who knew that a bunch of dough could make so many people…. so happy! Because my Beautiful People, who doesn’t love a good donut? We have done our homework and, through a lot of research and even more taste tests, we have found the top two donut shops in all of Los Angeles! Let’s get started!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 5

Let’s start with our newest find… Kettle Glazed Donuts. In the Hills of Hollywood and having some of the best tasting donuts that have ever graced my lips, this is the place that brought me my very first CRUFFIN.

What’s a cruffin you ask? Well if a croissant married a muffin and had a baby…. it would be a cruffin. It’s a creamy filled cinnamon muffin with the tastes of croissant, muffin and donut all rolled into one. When I ordered mine through PostMates last week, they were completely sold out at 9am so we waited while they made a full brand new batch JUST for us. When they arrived at my home they were still hot and smelled like a dream!

Other notable flavors from Kettle Glazed:

The S’more, which is insanely good filled with marshmallow madness!

The Maple Glazed topped with bacon…. wow my mouth will never be the same!

The Peanut Butter… with a peanut butter taffy filling… OMG!

They also have vegan donuts (also sold out early… cause this place is that good!!). The list goes on…. every single thing that came from Kettle was so good that I couldn’t even make it through the shoot without stuffing my mouth!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 4

On to…. California Donuts. If it’s good enough for Beyonce…. It’s good enough for us! California Donuts has what has been described as having the most beautiful donuts in the country and we can tell you that it’s true! Where else can you get a panda-faced donut? Hello Kitty? And have it taste amazing?! Where else can you order letter donuts that spell out anything your hearts desires? My son Steven actually asked his girlfriend to prom this year through donuts! They spelled out in full donut size – a message to Miss Jillian (the Gf) – and, of course, when the message is presented surrounded by rose petals the only thing she could have said was yes!

Laura-Dunn-National-Donut-Day-2015 - 3

There you go my most fabulous Peeps… The two best Donut Shops Los Angeles has to offer and a few more reasons to celebrate National Donut Day!!

Big Sweet Donut Kisses!

Laura Dunn