The Chic Greens…

Monday brings the team Fabulous365 into the kitchen… where we are making kale chips. One of the easiest, healthiest and crunchiest snacks you can make!


But before we get into making our chips… I would like to go over the amazing benefits of one of the healthiest greens on this beautiful planet of ours.

kale info

Today we are working with 3 different types of this leafy green… but did you know that there are actually 57 different varieties? Not all are edible… but hey…. there enough that are that everyone one of us should be consuming one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet at the very least a few times per week!

Laura-Dunn-Makes-Kale-Chips-step 1-2





So “HAIL THE KALE” and grab the healthiest, crunchy chip today!!


Laura Dunn