Demin…. Can we get enough? Not this summer of 2015! Today’s post brings us to a triple blue jean look. Jeans, denim shirt and a blue jean, hooded jacket.

A solid denim look is what’s on trend this summer… with some serious mixing, matching and layering going on.

Laura_Dunn-Blue Jeans and Shirt (17)

Laura Dunn in Blue Jeans

We started off with our look with the old standard Flying Monkey washed jeans, a Current Elliot denim shirt with epaulettes on the shoulders and a BDG hooded jacket from Urban Outfitters.




Laura_Dunn-Blue Jeans and Shirt (23)


The beauty of the denim rules this year is… there are no rules. Just pile it on…. and wear it with confidence…. knowing that denim in any form….. rules this summer!!

Big Kisses!

Laura Dunn

Laura_Dunn-Blue Jeans and Shirt (1)