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4th of July!

So many parties…. so little time. I am all about a great homemade dessert, but this time of year, with so much going on, I just don’t always have the time to make something fabulous for the party I’m throwing or going to throw. So I’ve come up with a few classic ideas on how to take that store bought cake, pie, cookie or rice crispy treat and make it look homemade by just adding some fresh red & blue organic berries. So simple even a baby could do it! Let’s get started!!


When buying your store-bought cake, look for the desserts with plain tops… or the tops with decorations that will accent the berries that you will be piling high. My go to “glue” would be the strawberry glaze and just pour it generously as your base and just add berries… to anything!

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A great way to present your cutlery for your 4th of July Bash…. Simply line a glass or Mason jar with a red linen napkin and place knife,spoon and fork in the middle. Looks great lined up on any buffet table!! 


At my last years 4th of July Bash, we had amazing desserts…. but the most popular (by far) was my daughter Beau’s Rice Krispy Treats. All she did was make the traditional Rice Krispy Treat recipe below and add red food coloring. The minute we cut them they were gone! I have made my own individual treats into American flags with blueberries and strawberry glaze.




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There you go…. easy, breezy 4th of July desserts that are beautiful, look homemade…. without serious time or effort!

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Big Patriotic Kisses!

Laura Dunn