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It’s finally easy being green! Move over florals…. It’s all about the Leafy Greens for mid-summer. As we hit the mid-mark of summer 2015, it’s time to pull out all of our Fresh Leafy Greens…. a great floral alternative and a serious trend look. The leafy prints are a continuation of last years Banana Leaf trend… fun, kicky, and bright. Rock this bold pattern with ease by mixing it with your basic black and white, or, match up the greens and yellows found in the leaves.


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This summers hottest green tone? Pantone’s “LUCITE GREEN.” Basically, it’s a mild mint tone and any article of clothing in this shade will have you sitting pretty on the trend wagon. Our Michael Kors leafy dress is spot-on! So let’s recap….. Anything Leafy…. Anything Minty…. Anything in shades of light GREEN…. will have you rocking it for the rest of this beautiful summer!!


Big Bold Kisses!

Laura Dunn

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