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~August 20th, 2015

Today is National Lemonade Day! So we thought we would bring you some really fun ways to enjoy what could be…. America’s favorite summertime drink. Ana and I headed into the Fabulous365 kitchen and came up with endless recipes and endless possibilities. It’s so easy to make a gourmet lemonade by just adding a few key ingredients to your base of basic  lemonade.

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Our Basic Classic Lemonade Recipe

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Directions: In a large pitcher combine the lemon juice, sugar, and 1 cup water. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then add 5 more cups water, a few slices of lemon to garnish, and plenty of ice.
(Sugar can be substituted with Stevia in powder or liquid form. Just slowly pour slowly while tasting until you achieve the perfect sweetness for your palate)

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Now comes the fun part…. Adding in the ingredients to make the perfect gourmet lemonade. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding in the fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Muddling is the art of smooshing up our ingredients. And that’s what we will do to all add in’s today. After adding in “the add in’s” you will need to let the mixture sit for at least an hour for the lemonade to absorb the taste.

To muddle….

Take a bowl, add in your ingredient and with a large spoon smoosh away until it’s broken up enough to allow the juices to come out.

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Here are a few of the Fabulous365 Lemonades that we created!!



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Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day -kiwi-raspberry

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This is one of my all time favorites! My sister-in-law, Linda Winkler, was so ahead of her time when she served Lavender Lemonade almost 10 years ago…. with some delicate little sugar cookies. It was such a delicious combination that I still remember all these years later how I drank 5 glasses!

Use your basic lemonade and add in 6 tablespoons of a very aromatic and good cooking lavender. Please let this one sit overnight for the lavender to absorb into the lemonade. Chill and pour into a beautiful glass.

Laura-Dunn-Lemonade Day-strawberry-lemonade

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There you go…. just a few of the different combinations we came up with. When it comes to the “Add in’s” the possibilities are endless! So today…. buy your ingredients…. make your lemonade…. and let it sit overnight to be able to serve the perfect gourmet lemonade on National Lemonade Day!!

Happiest National Lemonade Day!!

With some serious Lemonade Love,

Laura Dunn

p.s. My Lemonade Outfit is one I wore in Kauai and I simply adore the comfort of the RAILS flannel shirt! I wore it with an ages old ruffled mini and always barefoot in the kitchen! Rails…. my new go to button-down shirts! The fit and comfort are absolute perfection!! Check out the Boutique page for links.

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