polaroid camera


The (New and Fabulous) Polaroid Camera

I welcomed with arms wide open…. my newest camera purchase…. The Instax Wide 300 by FujiFilm. YAY!! We opened, inserted film… and shot! 30 seconds later…. an old school Polaroid photo in my hand!! It’s doesn’t get more instant gratification than a Polaroid picture! What I love about the new Instax Wide 300 is the easiness of shooting with this substantial camera that…. looks as good as it works.







Once Ana and I got started it was hard to stop! We spent hours (that we didn’t have) playing “Polaroid Camera” Fun? OMG YES!! Should you get one? Only if you love instant gratification, amazing photos and ease as much as I do!! Ease for selfies? As easy as apple pie!!

Lots of Instax love,

Laura Dunn xoxo

P.S. Next week we will show you 10 mind blowingly creative ways to hang your Polaroid pictures!!

EXCITING NEWS: The countdown to our new site with new name has begun…… 10….9….8…. 

Be sure to check out the fabulous Polaroid cameras below!!