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The Fringed Cape is here for Fall 2015! I was so excited to put this look together…. as it’s one that I wore back in my high school days. Suede fringed jacket with my bellbottoms and Kork-ease…. I was quite the fashion-ista! It’s back again…. only this time a little more refined. A Zara fringed cape at $129.00 replaces my fringe suede jacket, which many, many years ago cost in the $450.00. Paired with Frame blue washed bell bottoms (replacing my Levis) a white silk blouse by Equipment (replacing a Led Zeppelin tee shirt)…. a pair of metallic gold Prada gloves…. and a pair of Fernando Pensato cork wedges (replacing my Kork-ease). I adore this look and you will be seeing a lot of fringe from us… this Fall of the Fringe 2015!!

Lots of Fabulous Fringed Love,

Laura Dunn





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